Ysée Heeled Boots - Cognac

Let's wear your heeled triangle boots! 

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  • Ysée Heeled Boots - Cognac
  • Ysée Heeled Boots - Cognac
  • Ysée Heeled Boots - Cognac
  • Ysée Heeled Boots - Cognac
  • Ysée Heeled Boots - Cognac
  • Ysée Heeled Boots - Cognac

Ysée Heeled Boots - Cognac

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  • Ysée heeled boots

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Heel 8,5 cm

8,5 cm is the ideal height for a heel. It gives both great balance and a sleek silhouette! The wooden plated coat is both durable and elegant. The rubber pad provides cushioning and grip!

Horsewoman chic

They do not forget their past riding shoes. A legacy that does not scare them and that they assume.


Boots that stop just below the knee with this classy and feminine je ne sais quoi.

An essentiAl 

It is a strong piece of your shoe dressing with all this leather surface. On its own, it indicates a sharp style. An essential purified to wear under the beautiful lights of autumn and winter.


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The Ysée have a zip inside to facilitate the footwear. The Triangle Boots have a half-zip.


It is a refined piece, a real bias and an ode to the love of leather.


The bi-materIal

True to our habits, we mix suede and smooth leather.

Heel or flat

At Pied de Biche, we offer it with a small heel of 3 cm or 8,5 cm for a slender look, you choose. 


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