The Jodhpur, like the Chelsea boot, is originally a riding boot. We owe it to the British, settlers of the region of Jodhpur: lower than the classic riding boots, it allows on land as on its mount, to move with ease and dexterity. Less annoying, it also allows the time to face the great heat imposed by the exceptional sunshine of the region.

The Jodhpur, a classic that goes through the ages! Elegant, but resolutely rock, the Jodhpur is, as Pied de Biche knows how to do, dressed, but terribly relaxed. It's your turn !




Jodhpur - Havane

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Jodhpur, from horse riding to the city 

The Jodhpur model takes its name from the Indian city, and is historically a riding shoe worn with pants of the same name. They were then populariz... ed by the English. We are dealing with a boot with rounded toe and small heel.

For now, we offer this high shoe only in the tan color but why not, if you like, offer it in other colors.

Cousin of the Chelsea boots
She is from the boot family, but she swaps their elastic for a leather strap and a strap.See more

Jodhpur for life!

With a flange
For an ankle boot with a strong heritage, the Jodhpur is made with a strap that wraps around the ankle.

... An undeniable little rock side 
With a leather jacket, but stopping there, just before looking like one of the Kiss members. But why not also with a camel coat, a turtleneck, raw jeans and you would even dare with a suit. The ideal is to match with a belt whose buckle recalls that of our strap.

Shoes that last
The cool thing about oily leathers is that they skate. So these Jodhpur will be even more beautiful when they look like they have seen the country. In addition, they are blake stitched, which gives them finesse.

The detail
True to our habits, the shoe is bi-material with a back panel in velvet calfskin.See more