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Frisco V3

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99,00 €En précommande
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Created by 7 653 people.
- Italian leather
- Strobel construction and lateral stitching
- Recycled rubber sole
- Organic cotton laces.

Shipping is expected between the 8th and the 12th of June.

To know your size, take a look at our « Sizing guide

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Frisco V3, well thought sneakers. 

  • Italian leather (Tanned by Faeda and LWG certified)
  • Strobel construction and and Lateral Stitching
  • Recycled rubber soles
  • Organic cotton laces, GOTS certified
  • Removable insole
  • Delivered in a paper box. The paper is made from FSC certified forest trees
  • Free delivery and free return
Sizing guide

This item is standard-sized. Choose your usual size.
The team's advice : Olivier's size is a 43, he chose to order his Sneakers Frisco in 43.
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This item is standard-sized. Choose your usual size.
The team's advice : Laura's size is a 38, she chose to order her Sneakers Frisco in 38.
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It is estimated between the 8th and the 12th of June.
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Frisco V3
99,00 €En précommande
139,00 €En stock

Between Paris and Porto...

For 3 years, you have been 7653 to give your opinion on this pair of sneakers. What came out of these surveys : a first version in 2019, a second in 2020.  

And finally, never twice without thrice, the new version is now before your eyes : a pair of sneakers made with ultra resisting leather, respectful to the environment, drawn in Paris and made in our Porto workshops.
Created for Man and Woman, they are available in several colour schemes :  

Monsieur : White/Blue - Blue/White/Red - White/Rust - White/Blue/Papaya 
Madame : White/Gold - White/Rusr - White/Blue/Papaya

The pre-ordering system


It's a win-win. As a true halt to over production, this system allows us to only make the exact number of sneakers needed. As it eliminates storage costs, we are able to propose our Frisco V3 for €99. It's good for you, it's good for us, it's good for the planet. Everyone is happy.

    1. The survey

    Those  Préco’ are in between your hands prior to  being on your feet. At the beginning, it all starts with a few sketches made by our design team.  As for the rest, you're in charge : by choosing the shoes' characteristics (colour schemes, lace aesthetics, eyelet shape, sole composition...)

  • picto-prototypage-pied-de-biche1.png
    2. The prototyping

    After collecting your answers, we elaborate a technical drawing which is sent to our workshops in Portugal. From there, our craftsmen make prototypes of the sneakers you imagined.

  • picto-les-preco-pied-de-biche1.png
    3. The pre-order

    You have 3 weeks to pre-order your pair of Frisco V3 sneakers. The campagne takes place from the 17th of Marsh to the 7th of April. Past this time, you will not be able to get yourself a paire of the Frisco V3. 

    4. The delivery

    For the Frisco V3, the DELIVERY IS FREE and is estimated between the 8th and the 12th of June. 

Focus on


No secrets : a good quality leather guarantees longevity for your shoes. Its selection process is therefore of high importance. 
To develop the Frisco V3, we went to search for it in Italie, within a renowned tannery : Faeda, founded in 1956 and Leather Working Group certified.


Faeda is a leather factory with a sustainable approach. 
Perfectly conscious of their environmental impact, they enforce everything  they can to control and reduce their ecological footprint : they are principally powered by solar energy, they use a water recovery and treatment system, transform their waste and also ban the use of metal and chrome within their manufacturing process. These actions allowed them to obtain the second highest certification of the Leather Working Group.

Focus on


Before anything else, a  sewn in sole allows your shoes to last for a longer period of time. Now, let's get into the thick of things : more than just a savoir-faire, the "Strobel Construction" is a construction technique within which, the first insole (what you have under your foot) is directly sewn to the the shoe's upper (what you have on your foot). To preserve the fabrics' suppleness, this process can only be applied to sneakers. 

And of course, the Frisco V3 also benefits from the well known lateral stitching.

Focus on


 In addition to being supple and comfortable, the Frisco V3's sole is made from recycled rubber and its resistance level to abrasion is high (140 index). "What ?!" By definition, abrasion it's the action of wearing down by friction. Basically, the higher it is, the more resistant the sole. 

Focus on


On these sneakers, the coloured yokes are made in goatskin suede. It's beautiful, it's smooth and it's easy to care for (we'll get back to that soon). They are carefully selected with thoroughness and are artisanally cut using a leather cutting device. For the anecdote, each of them requires a specific mold, all of them custom made for the Friscvo V3.

Focus on


Details which are ultimately not :

  • The laces : they are made in organic GOTS certified cotton. 
  • The eyelets : we wished for them to be invisible to the eye, but do not be mistaken, they are in fact placed inside the upper. 
  • The heel : for more comfort and to insure better foot support, we've added an anti-slip (flipped leather in the heel lining area).
  • The lining : entirely made in cowhide leather. 
  • La Biche (the doe) : our trademark is hot stamped at the back of our sneakers. 
  • The double stitches : can be seen on both side of the upper, they add some character to your sneakers.  
  • The lateral perforations !
Focus on


We made everything easy. A bit of waterproofing spray at the start and if your sneakers get a stain, a spray of Sublim Daim or a few stroke of rubber and you're all done !


A leather pair of sneakers which suits Men as well as Women, you don't see that everywhere.
With them, no more worries : they go with everything, and even more by two.


Firstly, know that the Frisco V3 sneakers are available to try on within our three shops in Paris and Bordeaux. You also have the possibility to order on the website from within our shop.


Those sneakers size normally. We therefore recommend to choose your usual size. If you realize upon receiving them that the size is not quite right, do not worry : we've anticipated.

At the end of the Préco' period, we have planned to order a bit more than we need in order to cover all returns and exchanges.