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Sneakers Ivo - Havana

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Sneakers Ivo - Sand

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Ivo lace-up sneakers

Leather tennis for men

The Ivo sneakers complete our range of leather sneakers for men with a minimalist shape. Farewell to the seams on the edges of the laces, this sneaker embraces the minimalist trend for a chic and elegant shape.
Wear the Ivo lace-up sneakers for mid-season with your city looks. Made in Portugal, these men's leather tennis are durable so they're perfect for protecting your feet during rainy weather. They will also be light and comfortable to wear on sunny days. These are the perfect mid-season sneakers for men.

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white leather sneakers

Casual sneakers for men

Originally, sneakers were designed in the mid-20th century with a rubber sole for quiet movement. Then popularized by the sports world, sneakers are now an essential pair for casual wear.
Designed with a durable and flexible rubber sole, the Ivo lace-up sneakers can be worn all day with casual and chic looks. Either in calfskin, pull-up leather or smooth white leather, these men's sneakers are made with premium materials: high-end craftsmanship for long-lasting leather sneakers.

To take care of your lace-up sneakers, visit our Care Guide.

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casual lace-up sneakers