Frisco V2

- Strobel stitching
- Leathers from Italy
- Natural rubber sole
- Complete lining in cow leather
- Made in Portugal

  • Frisco V2
  • Frisco V2
  • Frisco V2
  • Frisco V2
  • Frisco V2
  • Frisco V2

Frisco V2

109,00 € 139,00 €

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You wanted them, we made them.

This is version 2.

Last year, following numerous exchanges with you, our clients, we developed our sneakers model, the Frisco, 

It became such a hit throughout the year that we decided to produce it again this year.

Even better, to offer you an enhanced version of the Frisco.

To be precise, 4,804 of you gave us their feedback about the finishing, technical features and hue.

Then, we followed your recommendations and this V2 (version 2), based on your desires, has been designed by you and for you.

The result is there, in front of our eyes. And it’s astounding.

So thank you so much for your time and advice, we hope you will enjoy the result as much as we do.

Smooth finish, fine line.

White leather is by far the most demanding when it comes to tanning, as immaculate white colour requires a lot of tanning chemicals, often resulting in less supple, more easily cracking or creasing leather.

This time, we have tested and chosen a more sustainable white leather which consequently doesn’t look as bright, lasts longer and doesn’t crease so easily.

Its colour is a beautiful ecru and it has a wonderfully smooth finish.

As to the shape, we have redesigned it to be finer, so that the yoke may have a more elongated design than on our classic models.

Deutsche qualität.

Sergio, our hero.

Whether taking the tube or hanging around in town, you can’t help noticing that everyone wears sneakers.

Portugal decided to make them their speciality and we can rely on their craftsmanship, but sourcing the finest leather, however, proves essential and critical.

Only Italy can reach the highest standards.

Up to now, Fernando used to to produce our sneakers. We have always been satisfied with his work. So have you : according to our survey, 89.6% of our customers approved, stating that they were delighted with his products.

Yet, as we strive to keep improving for your benefit, we have kept testing new manufacturers. 

The result is still to be seen in our office : dozens of prototypes were set aside.

Then, last winter, Sergio sent us his, and it simply swept us off our feet.

That’s why, with a heavy heart, we made up our minds to be unfaithful to Fernando, for once.

Both flexible and robust.

Sergio’s factory is situated near Guimeraes, north of Portugal.

Contrary to all the manufacturers we had met, Sergio (almost) didn’t flinch when we presented him with our demanding production specifications.

  • Then, of course, and as usual, we fetched our leather supplies from Trenton region, in the northeast of Italy.
  • The lining is usually made of calf leather, resulting in a chic, comfortable and breathable pair of sneakers.
  • The sole is made of natural gum, with a removable 2mm foam insole, perfectly designed to absorb shocks.

From cutting-stitching….Sergio’s carefully handmade finishings reach out to the high quality standards of the luxury goods providers he has been working with since 19xx. assembling. The Strobel stitch remains one of a kind, one of PdB’s high standards which gives our shoes unprecedented flexibility and robustness.

The shoe upper being sewn to the insole is a key component of these two essential qualities, PdB’s DNA.
Two precautions being better than one, we also added a side stitching, another of the fine features of your V2 Frisco you’ll be able to boast about once you can walk around freely again.

Now, there you are ! You’re equipped with robust, long lasting sneakers.

That, for us, represents sustainable production. You’ll be able to wear your sturdy, durable shoes for several years on end.

Give’em a try.

We offer you delivery and return for free!

If, in spite of our interactive size guide, you aren’t fully satisfied, we won’t charge you for return charges.

For that, you have 30 days, starting from delivery date, to get a refund or an exchange.

Of course finding the right size on the first try is best for you...and also for us!

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Preordering? How come?

Preordering mostly enables us to offer a top of the range pair of trainers at the best possible rate. €109 instead of €139. No stock charges, no unwanted stocks. That’s what makes the difference.

Your sneakers will be delivered in your mailbox 3 weeks after their production has been launched.

If you have ordered before 8th May, you will receive your shoes in early June.

Delivery around the end of June if you have ordered your sneakers after 8th May.

Made in Portugal, leathers from Italy

Strobel fitting and side stitching

Drawn in Paris

Designed according to your recommendations

Sneakers generation.

Sneakers are somehow the symbol of our generation.

They’re comfortable, light, casual, easy to wear every day and on every occasion: they’ll be perfect whether you’re going out with friends or working.

Your PdB Frisco shoes can be paired with any piece of clothing: jeans and a shirt for a casual yet stylish look, a polo and dress pants for a more elegant touch, or even overalls or a more formal suit to pep up your style.

So as to add a bit more character and and make them truly unique, we wanted them to have more of a « street » style than our more classic sneakers.

That’s why we called them « Frisco », as a reference to the city of San Francisco, the birthplace of urban culture. They are also slightly less round shaped than other sneakers so that they may look thinner and be more adapted to the shape of your feet.

Here is a short film showing how your shoes are manufactured.

Last year, we shot this short film to show you the steps and techniques of their production as well as our manufacturers’ craftsmanship.

Now you’ll know everything about cutting, stitching, Strobel fitting, side stitching, and of course, finishing.

..and you’ll be just as proud of your shoes as we rightly are.


in 3 hours in Paris


In metropolitan France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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