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Our customer advisors are happy to welcome you and to help in the quest for your perfect shoes

Meet Julie at 9 rue des Abbesses (Paris 18), Marine at 5 rue Commines (Paris 3) and Anais at 80 rue du Pas-Saint-Georges (Bordeaux).

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Some gems in your mailbox

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Transparency, progress, local

Our values

These are our key words at Pied de Biche at every stage of our creations.

In this sense, our primary goal, for each collection, is to improve the quality and durability of the pairs we sell.

It's better for your wallet, of course, and especially for the planet.

We have also decided not to hide anything from you: the production in Portugal, choice of raw materials, company strategy, you know everything. This transparency enables us to keep a privileged link with you to offer you shoes that resemble you.

We will never forget the trust you vested in us when we launched Pied de Biche in 2015.

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Some gems in your mailbox.

You will be aware of everything, before anyone

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▪️ Through this epistolary relationship, we are committed to sharing a part of us with you. In three words: transparency, progress and proximity. No 'chichi' as we say in French.

We are committed to maintaining your personal informations private, not sharing them to any third parties. We'd also like to specify that a link for unsubscription can be found within all emails addressed to you.