Babies Clara

Discover our Babies Clara model with its soft and rounded shapes.
The retro shoe for sparkling looks.




Babies Clara - Gold

155,00 €
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Clara Babies - Black
Clara Babies - Black
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Clara Babies - Black

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Clara Babies - Reptile

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Feminine in Babies

Babies are shoes that emphasize your femininity. They have a thick heel and a round toe with a strap that wraps around the ankle.

The inner leather lining makes them flexible. 6.5 cm heels with a strap that holds the ankle allow for a secure and stable gait, highlighting your legs.

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So sixties, so chic

It is a chic model with soft, rounded shapes. They combine comfort and elegance with mischievous lines, in bi-material leather, for 100% dress shoes. Cinderella herself would have described her as a "compendium of charm".

Everything in convenience
So practical: you simply slide your foot into it. With jeans, they reveal a rock style, more classic with a skirt.

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On the small screen

The babies were worn by glamorous icons from series like Carrie Bradshow from Sex & the City and Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl.

Allowed with socks
We can afford to wear them with glittery or golden socks. For free, independent women who break codes.