Great classics of the men's wardrobe, Derbies and Oxfords are the inevitable pairs of our men's collection of shoes. 

This year, we present these timeless designs to you in a new light. Elegant and modern city shoes, the Oxfords and the Derbies Pied de Biche are never out of fashion, to wear all year round.

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Outstanding city shoes

Timeless designs, but at what price?

Pied de Biche leather shoes are top-of-the-range but accessible products.

To succeed, we went to the north-east of Italy, in the region of Trentino, to look for noble hides. We also decided to work with the craftsmen Ruben and Fernando. Our workshops, located in the Porto region of Portugal, take special care of leather shaping. Enough to keep you in your shoes for years to come!

The comfort of our men’s shoes

Comfort heel, five-point lacing, insole and cowhide lining, our Derbies and Oxfords low shoes have everything to be comfortable and relaxed. In cowhide or veal-velour leather, our men’s Derbies are flexible. . . and pleasant to wear all day long!

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Derbies and Richelieu, the must-haves of the male wardrobe

From smooth leather to suede leather, including brushed leather, our Derbies and Oxfords for men harmonize your outfits easily ... whether they are casual or more classic. An ideal alternative to moccasins, these shoes will be worn on any occasion.

As you well know, lace-up shoes are an indispensable part of a men's wardrobe.
So Pied de Biche offers you designs of Derbies .... To be added immediately in your dressing room!

Cocoa leather is the new black leather

Wear the Classic Derbies with beautiful rolled up jeans. And do not hesitate to add the trendy accessory that will enhance your look. A belt or a nice piece of leather goods will do the job.

The Eyelet Derbies will fit perfectly with your chino trousers. Wear Cocoa, Bark or Cognac!

You'll always stay stylish in Pied de Biche.

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