Greased and Pull-Up Leather

Proper care for greased or pull-up leather


Where do I find all of these?

Routine Maintenance

Always start by cleaning your shoes with a polishing or cotton cloth to ensure that no dust is left on the surface.

  • To nourish your oily (or greased) leather, use Renovating Oil. Massage the product into the leather in a circular motion with your cloth, using vigorous but gentle strokes so as not to scratch the shoe.
  • To reduce the grease, polish the leather by rubbing it with a polishing brush.
  • Do not use polish on a greasy leather.

Walking creases will lighten with this type of leather... This is normal! Leather is not a plain and unchanging material like plastic! Its color evolves over time, often depending on the care you give to your shoes, the climate where you live, your gait...

If you don't like this patina effect, choose a smooth leather that you can polish. However, you should know that regular maintenance and constant nourishment will prevent this phenomenon. The natural patina of the leather will even blend with your own walking creases.

Differences between greased leather and pull-up leather

Oily (or greased) leather is a robust leather that has been enriched with oil during its tanning. It requires a lighter and less regular maintenance than smooth leathers.

Pull up leather is an aniline leather with a very particular tanning process, which gives it a deep and vibrant color. The application of oil and wax gives it a smooth and silky appearance.

The term "pull up" comes from a color migration phenomenon unique to this leather. When stretched, the area where the leather is pinched becomes lighter. The color variations become more pronounced as the shoe is worn, with the walking creases blending into a rich patina unique to the design.

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