2019 summary

26 December 2019
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Christmas is over, and we are full: the perfect timing to summarise the year.
2019 has been very meaningful. We took a step and obviously it wasn't easy.

Shushhh, it begins.

More quality

Early this year, we changed our women shoes manufacturer. The quality wasn't good enough, and the processes not eco-friendly as we wished.

So we switched from a manufacture to two workshops at a human scale, specialized in luxury shoes: Paulo's and Carols', located in Saint-Jean-de-Madère, in Portugal. 

Both have a particular attention to detail, they are very involved and will never send defective products, even for prototypes. 

One of our best decisions this year.


During 2019, we created jobs, and that is our greatest pride.

Right now, we don't have interns anymore (even if we are looking for new ones for 2020), but from now on we have independent departments with a team of 19 persons.

We now have more stability at one point when projects are evolving, we are more structured so that we can increase our listening ability.


Some of you have experienced it, we fell behind on some of our models. And that's not ok with us. Not at all.

Rigt now, we are testing some solutions. As soon as it is fixed, we will talk about it. But it is part of our 2020 resolutions.

Caught SHORT

We sometimes were taken aback on many models. It is crazy how a pair of shoes can have a limited success, and be a hit the year after. The opposite scenario also works.

It is not in our interest because it makes surplus inventory and it immobilizes cash flow. It is also against our wish to produce more responsibly

It questioned us about how a pair can last over time. In the meantime, we are striving to have ever finer control of our stocks.


We spoke about the Biche Friday, the equivalent of the Black or Green Friday.

It seemed important to us to explain how it was healthy to our business, in a context where this kind of commercial operation is criticized nowadays.

We have had great feedbacks from you. Thank you for that, we couldn't believe it.

The Biche Friday has also been an opportunity to donate the profits to associations that are important to us. We consider that's what acting smart.

The clients of this day decided how to redistribute them - here are the results:

  • 47,6% for Sea Shepherd (for the protection of marine ecosystems and its biodiversity)
  • 23,6% for Aide et Action (for the education of children in France)
  • 28.6% to be shared between the two associations


This year, the Frisco Sneakers pre-order campaign worked very well and you liked it. We are thinking of reiterating...

To be continued! Besides, for those you are interested, we suggest you to subscribe to our newsletter. We will do everything to make you smile.

We’re so exciting entering 2020 and it’s thanks to you, so thank you.

We're always listening, don't hesitate to talk to us.

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