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The Biche said yes !

Yes, to help you find the pair of pump heels that won't drag out your wedding dress. 

Yes, to offer you a set of shoes that will match your ceremony's bohemian universe, from your witnesses to your future husband. 

Yes, to present you with a multitude of sandals with which your bridesmaids will catch the bride's bouquet without tripping. 

Yes, to imagine the pair of shoes enabling you to dance with your old uncle Sam at the reception, but also to welcome the speech of each of your best friends at the cocktail party without wavering. 

In brief, yes to becoming your wedding shoes-planner, from the sending of your wedding announcement to your honeymoon departure. 

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At your cousin's civil wedding, you ran out to catch her pretty bouquet of roses, and then crash! bang ! ... you stumbled in front of all the guests and your bridesmaid's muslin dress ripped. 

This year, for your best friend's ceremony, you assured yourself that the bouquet will be yours. Impossible not to. 

The Biche has concocted a few little tips to help you pick up the bouquet: First, it seems obvious, but always good to remember, don't be lagging behind and get in line with your best friend. Then avoid the bridesmaids' procession because you might get caught with your feet in their cocktail dress. With these tips, you'll see better the trajectory of the throw.

Or you can always make a secret deal with your BFF so that she throws the bouquet directly to you. You just have to make the best of things! 

Last but not least, choose shoes that will match your chiffon evening dress but also the one enabling you to dance, run, jump. . . and for that, the Biche has prepared a small selection for you.

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On Monday, your dear brother announced his engagement and asked you to be the witness at his civil wedding. Impressed, touched, moved, you immediately accepted and vowed to fulfill your role to the fullest. 

It was an honour for you. And then, day after day, you discovered the scope of the mission you had been entrusted with: bachelor party, fittings, speeches to be given at the reception, bride-to-be's stress to managing, guests to place, and so on. 

So many preparations before the wedding that you hadn't expected, and then panic started to set in. Luckily, the Biche thought of you and prepared a unique Witness selection for you to have one less thing to deal with. 

Come on, put your handkerchiefs away. It's going to be all right, after all, you're not the one getting married.

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