The groom

You may not care as much about your pair as your suit, but we do.
Our top-of-the-line shoes promise comfort and elegance. No more, no less. You deserve it.

To make your life easier, we've selected the derbies, loafers and sneakers that are most likely to complement your suit.

Your choice is made? You can now


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Black Classique Derbies

Unbeatable to complete a suit.

The derby’s elegance ensures timelessness and versatility.

Distinguished thanks to its perforated details.
Comfortable thanks to its Blake stitching.

With these, you are sure not to misstep.

I've made my choice.


You can't go wrong with these pairs on your feet.

Double Monk Straps - Black

175,00 €
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Classique Derbies - Cognac

175,00 €
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Comfort and style for the non-conformist. Even with a suit.


Representative of British chic.

Oxford - Black

180,00 €
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Oxford - Ebony

180,00 €
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The man in the spotlight

Our wedding shoes for men

At Pied de Biche, we focus on quality, but not only that, we also want to offer you shoes that are on the cutting edge of fashion, with unique details.

If you are looking for the perfect pair of shoes, very elegant to go with your beautiful three-piece suit, take a look at our oxfords, in black or brown, you will find in it an ally for this unforgettable day. And let's not forget our superb double buckle derbies, the very definition of elegance.

If you want a more classic pair of shoes with less detail, we offer casual derbies in a variety of colors.

Finally gentlemen, we are sure that our classic derbies will seduce you with their slight details that make all the difference.

Now that you have found your perfect pair of shoes, all you have to do is enjoy this day, which will remain forever engraved in your memory. 

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Quality shoes

Luxury wedding shoes at Pied de Biche

You are beginning to know us. At Pied de Biche, we make high quality shoes for men and women. That's why we offer a wide selection of shoes for your wedding.

All of our models were imagined and designed in Paris, and then produced in Porto, the European capital of footwear. Our shoes are made from cowhide leather, carefully selected by our craftsmen, in order to offer you the best product. 

Thus all our derbies are made entirely of leather, and hand-patinated, with the heel made from a piece of leather and a rubber pad.

You will be assured of the quality, comfort and style of our shoes. We like to offer you shoes that will last over time to remind you every time you wear them the most beautiful memories you will have lived with.

The hardest part is choosing, then you just have to enjoy your wedding. 

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Classy but comfortable

Why not moccasins or sneakers for your wedding gentlemen

Today, weddings have evolved a lot, and so have their clothing trends, so why not you? 

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that brings a touch of elegance to your shoes, bet on our moccasins, they are both chic, but they have a free spirit that makes you dream. This model is very comfortable and easy to put on.

Let us tell you about the sneaker, because yes it has its place in the debate. All dressed in white, it is perfect for the wedding, since it blends perfectly with your suit. Its white aspect, smooth and uncluttered, brings the touch of chic you were looking for. Last but not least, the comfort of a pair of sneakers is unbeatable. So our pairs of sneakers have everything you are looking for, a pair of comfortable shoes, easy to wear if you need, both elegant, simple and chic, you will find in them a partner of choice.

The sneaker is also the second ideal pair, if ever at the end of the evening, or when you want to dance you want a more comfortable pair, there is no hesitation, you need a pair of sneakers. 

What kind of husband will you be on this unforgettable day?

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