burgundy smooth leather derbies for men's weddings
The classics
With a traditional suit

Be elegant with our shoes, for effortless classic style.

men's brown suede loafers for weddings
Shades of color
With a modern suit

Turn heads with our shoes, for a modern look full of character.

The guests

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burgundy leather derbies for men
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burgundy leather derbies for men
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Discover Pied de Biche's men's wedding collection, a hymn to elegance for exceptional guests.

Welcome to the world of Pied de Biche, where every step resonates with style and sophistication. Our brand-new men's wedding collection is designed for guests who want to mark the occasion with timeless elegance. From Silvio derbies and Basile moccasins to Arthur sneakers, each pair combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design. The shoes in this collection are crafted from top-quality leather, offering comfort and a distinguished look to celebrate life's special moments.

Immerse yourself in a world where the blend of craftsmanship and style creates exceptional shoes for exceptional men. Meticulous detailing, impeccable finishing and meticulous choice of materials make Pied de Biche's men's bridal collection the ultimate expression of masculine elegance.

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burgundy leather derbies for men's weddings

Derbies, moccasins or sneakers: the perfect guest guide

How do you choose your shoes and put together the perfect outfit to be the eye-catching guest? Follow our expert advice.

  •  Derbies for Classic Charm:

Classic and timeless, derbies are a safe choice for any wedding guest. Their sophisticated allure pairs perfectly with formal suits. Opt for leather shades that complement your outfit. Whether you prefer classic black or warm brown, our derbies from the men's wedding collection are designed to sublimate your style.

  • Loafers for a casual touch:

If the event is more casual, loafers are an elegant choice. Comfortable and stylish, they go well with semi-formal outfits. Choose quality leather loafers for a look that combines casualness and sophistication. Our wedding collection loafers are perfect for dancing the night away without sacrificing style.

  • Sneakers for modern elegance:

For contemporary, casual weddings, sneakers can be a bold choice. Opt for subtle colors that complement your outfit. Our Men's Wedding Collection sneakers offer the perfect balance between comfort and style, allowing you to dance with ease while still being at the cutting edge of fashion.

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men's black leather derbies for weddings

Our tips for men's wedding shoes

Perfect your look with carefully chosen accessories. A matching tie, suit pocket or elegant cufflinks can make all the difference. Don't forget to consider the wedding dress code and adapt your outfit accordingly. Remember, as a guest, this is your moment to shine without overshadowing the bride and groom.

At every step, our shoes from the Pied de Biche men's wedding collection are designed to accompany you with elegance. Wear them with confidence, because true class is in the details, and we've thought of everything to make sure you're a memorable guest on your special day.


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men's brown leather derbies for weddings