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At the end of the year 2020, 54% of you wished for us to make more pre-orders. So here we are. This is the time to present to you The Pied de Biche Préco' (from the french word pre-order). There will be 3 of them this year.

the back to work sneakers
Sneakers Vasco

Pre-orders from September the 15th to October the 3rd

The pre-ordering system


It's a win-win. As a true halt to over production, this system allows us to only make the exact number of sneakers needed. As it eliminates storage costs, we are able to propose our Preorders for the best price. It's good for you, it's good for us, it's good for the planet. Everyone is happy.

    1. The survey

    Those Préco’ are in between your hands prior to being on your feet. At the beginning, it all starts with a few sketches made by our design team. As for the rest, you're in charge: by choosing the shoes' characteristics (colour schemes, lace aesthetics, eyelet shape, sole composition...)

  • picto-prototypage-pied-de-biche1.png
    2. The prototyping

    After collecting your answers, we elaborate a technical drawing which is sent to our workshops in Portugal. From there, our craftsmen make prototypes of the sneakers you imagined.

  • picto-les-preco-pied-de-biche1.png
    3. The pre-order

    You have 3 weeks to pre-order your pair of Frisco V3 sneakers. Past the campaign's deadline, you will not be able to get yourself a paire of Pied de Biche's Preoders. 

    4. The delivery

    For the Frisco V3, the DELIVERY IS FREE and is estimated between the 8th and the 12th of June. 

Frisco V3

Ready to wear!