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"Behind the brand, a strong friendship and a clear desire: offering top-of-the-range shoes at accessible prices. Since 2015 we have never gave this philosophy up, which is the root of Pied de Biche’s identity."

Our brand

Meticulously selected manufacturers and raw materials, skilled craftsmen: at Pied de Biche, we leave nothing to chance. Most of our leathers are imported directly from Northern Italy to our various workshops.

In the region of Porton, Fernando, Simaõ, Carlos, Antero, Pedro and finally Ligía and Ricardo skillfully manage the factories, in which we have established our different productions

Our challenge?
Revisit season after season the shoe classics.

Timeless, indispensable and subtly original, our designs fit men and women with elegance and casualness.
The DNA of Pied de Biche finds its best expression in our careful playing with detailed colours and materials.

“We are involved with them throughout the manufacturing process of our shoes: from the shape to the skins, including cutting and assembling. The process is long and delicate, but it’s exciting!”

Our approach leads to an impeccable tailoring at the right price.

women’s leather sandals with golden heelswhite leather sneakers for men

Our values

at Pied de Biche


Transparency is at the heart of our creative process. We develop, with endless care, each of our creations in our Rochelais offices. From that, we hand detailed specifications to our various workshops over. The making process gets underway!

We assist the production at each stage: from the selection of skins, the assembly, to quality control. Thanks to the special links forged with our craftsmen, we can move forward every day in a trust and quality environment.

The control of the entire supply chain make the quality assurance of our raw materials possible and ensures the irreproachability of our processing methods.

brown patent leather loafers for women


We make it a point of honour to constantly technically improve our designs. Most of them are designed following your suggestions and needs: you are our most beautiful source of inspiration!

We put a lot of energy into the prototyping and testing phase, before the validation of a production. We take an approach based on excellence, in this sense, we can spend up to two years to bring out a product, so as to offer you impeccable creations.

brown smooth leather loafers for men


The universe we have created resembles you and is dear to us. You are at the heart of our concerns, and therefore of our DNA. We are always in tune with you: a hyper-reactive, complete, and efficient service: making your life easier!

If you have any questions, special wishes, new project or product ideas, or just want to say hi: write to the team, we’ll get back to you promptly!

Golden leather heeled sandals for women and burgundy leather derbies for men

How a shoe is made



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