Combat boots short story

18 July 2019
Combat boots short story


From military fields to cities

Last spring, we decided to reinvent a summer classic, the Boat shoe.
Those kind of challenge made Pied de Biche DNA : offering classic yet modern and elegant models.
After this first success, we sought for a new challenge : revisiting Combat boots, another man's wardrobe classic.
Many prototypes later, here is our version of this mythic item.

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Combat boots, at first

Combat boots hail from darkest hours.
First used during World War I, they knew a real rise throughout World War II.
Designed to isolate soldiers from mud, cold and humidity, they quickly became a special forces’ essential attribute.
Fighters appreciate their rising upper and toe cap, ensuring support and resistance.
At this time, to guarantee off-road grip, Combat boots sole was made of thick rubber.


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At the end of the 20th century, Combat boots deserted war zones to invade cities, thus becoming an urban must-have.

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Pied de Biche signature touch

Modern combat boots

Reinventing this basis was a real challenge : making it sophisticated while keeping its original spirit. Here is the greatest difficulty we had : creating robust shoes that had the same finesse and elegance than usual Pied de Biche models.
A year after our first draft, and 6 prototypes later, we eventually created a modern and high-end version of this mythic item.

Pied de Biche signature touch

flawless technique

Their thinner design does not neglect their technical aspects : without this, our Combat boots would have lost their original soul.

Blake stitched, the leather  soles of these Combat Boots have an extra layer made out of natural rubber making them particularly robust.
Fully lined with full calf leather, our boots are so supple they will follow your steps since the first day.



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To gain off-road elegance, trust our Combat boors bi-material details! 


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