Shoe-care Guide

That's it, you've taken the plunge and fallen for your favourite model.
Because we want your Pied de Biche to last as long as possible, we've prepared a care guide for you.
Whatever your pair of shoes, they have their own golden rules.

Smooth leather

1. Brush your shoes regularly to remove dust and dirt.
2. Massage the leather with a cloth soaked in our care cream.
3. Leave to dry for at least an hour, then polish with a brush or soft cloth to remove any cream that may have dried on the surface and leave your shoes shiny.
4. Apply a small amount of shoe polish in the colour of your leather. As with the cream, apply the shoe polish with a soft cloth, leave to dry and then polish with a soft brush!
5. Finally, protect with our waterproofing product.

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The velvet calf

1. Regularly brush your calf suede or nubuck shoes with a soft brush to remove unavoidable dust and dirt.
2. To revive your shoes, you can use a cleaning spray that can be sprayed on evenly. Ideally, leave them to dry for at least an hour before wearing them again. You can also apply the leather renovating spray if your leather is tired.
3. For stains, there are miracle solutions such as suede erasers. For persistent stains, there are highly effective shampoos available for suede and nubuck.

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Pull-up leather

More robust than its counterparts, it also requires less maintenance and care.

1. Use seal grease (to be applied with a soft cloth), or better still, a can of renovating oil that will grease, soften and waterproof your oily leather!
2. Spray in small streams, about fifteen centimetres from the shoe. You can also restore the shine to your leather by regularly applying a dab of the right colour shoe polish with a soft cloth.
3. Leave to dry, then polish with a soft brush. You can protect your leather with our waterproofing product to prevent stains and dirt.

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Patent leather

Patent leather does not require care as such, as the patent layer prevents in-depth treatment.

1. You should, however, dust your shoes regularly with a polishing cloth or damp sponge.
2. If your shoes are really dirty, you can use a cleaning foam.

Optional. If your varnish has become dull over time, massage the leather with clear Rife Varnish. Leave to dry for around twenty minutes, then polish the shoe with a polishing cloth.

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