Ankle boots

Since the timeless Timeless Chelsea boots, the Pied de Biche Family has not seized growing. This year, we are welcoming within our selection, new variations of our iconic models. 
From the Jodhpur to the Combat boots, going through the Chukka, the Desert boot, the Balmoral and the Wingtip boot, there really is some for every taste.

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Leather Soles

Ankle boots with a leather sole are a must-have in the men's wardrobe: a chic and durable classic.

Golf Soles

Chelsea boots and lace-up ankle boots with a grippy, comfortable spike sole.

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Balmoral Chukka - Black

200,00 €
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Commando Soles

Our commando boots and ankle boots for men are resistant with their notched rubber sole.

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Chukka Commando - Cocoa

195,00 €
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Alpine boots - Burgundy

220,00 €
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Men's boots: the pair to have this fall!

Men's ankle boots at Pied de Biche are a must-have.

It was this pair of shoes that launched Pied de Biche and has been our guiding principle ever since: to offer you comfortable pairs for all circumstances.

The range of shoes is growing.

Since the timeless Chelsea Boots, the Pied de Biche family has never stopped welcoming new models. This year, we welcome new variations of our flagship models to our collection. And in order to offer you unique shoes, we have made the pair our own to give it a very personal touch.

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Boots made in Portugal

Our high-top shoes are high-end but affordable. To achieve this trick, we went to find leather wines in the Northeast of Italy, in the Trentino region. We also decided to work with artisans Ruben and Fernando. Our manufacturing workshops, in the Porto region of Portugal, take special care in shaping the leather:

- The lining is entirely made of cowhide, for a pair that is comfortable and breathable.
- In leather, Dainite or Montanah, the sole will remain flexible and provide you with good cushioning.
-The finishes on our pairs are fine. In smooth leather or suede, the stitching is even, the Blake stitching is stylish, the welt is durable. So you can expect high quality and durable men's boots.

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How to wear the chic casual boot?

Highly trending this autumn, leather boots are THE pair for men to have in your wardrobe. In smooth cowhide or suede, how to wear them in style?

The casual chic

True city shoes, the Leather Pied de Biche boots are chic.... but remain in casual style.

Descendant of the military boot, the Jodhpur is adorned with an ankle-length strap.
Delicate in all circumstances, the riding boot will look great with both jeans's and chino trousers.

With its slim lines, the Chelsea Boots will make you look good.

Long considered the military pair of shoes, the Chelsea is back, looking better than ever.
Easy to slip on thanks to the distinctive elastic band, the Chelsea Classic will give your outfit, a sophisticated and modern style. The model fits perfectly with your suits. In black or brown leather, they will remain sober and elegant.
The Chelsea Commando will be THE casual chelsea boots. Its thick Montanah sole will be ideal with your timeless Levis jeans.

And don't worry, true rain boots, our boots are waterproof. In the September sun or November rain, your leather shoes will remain stylish and durable in all circumstances.

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