This section covers all you need to know for caring for your shoes on a daily basis.

Whether you are looking for information on how to care for your leathers, protect your shoes or extent their lifespan, this is where you will find it! If there is anything missing, please let us know!

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Leather is a very living matter, natural that changes over time. The hides we use are high quality, and need attention.

Maintaining you leather shoes? Easy business with our Pied de Biche leather shoes care kits! Your shoes must be protected and preserved with love. We have what you need! 


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Shoe polish, shoe brush, renovating oil or beauty cream, you will find anything you need with our shoes care products. Adapted to your shoes!

Our cleaning products also exist with boxes: leather shoe cleaning kit can be a perfect gift for a leather shoes fan.

Between two sizes? Feel free to add half insoles to your shoes. They will finally fit you as if by magic!

Feel like a change? Pick a new pair of laces by Pied de Biche, so you can enliven your shoes.


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