Derbies are low lace shoes, with independent side upper. Contrary to "Richelieu", they offer a higher comfort thanks to easy lacing. 
Pied de Biche decided to reinterpret those formal shoes. 
Our derbies can be wore in every situations, either with a suit or a casual outfit! They will become your daily basis!

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Leather derby is the essential dress shoes for men.
Pied de Biche had to reinvent this timeless item, with a modern, high end but yet accessible version.
Designed in Paris and produced in Porto, European capital city of shoemaking, our derby shoes are minutely thought to perfectly fit you.
Our craftsmen are working with noble materials, placing their know-how and experience to produce the most qualitative city shoes.
The hides they use are carefully selected and cut with cautious to ensure soft, comfortable and resistant leather shoes for men.


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Pied de Biche derby shoes are made with either suede, smooth or pull-up leather. This later is particularly known and appreciated for its recognizable patina.
Lined with full calf leather, our derby shoes will last in time!
The leather sole is attached to the upper and yoke by a Blake stitch. This technique guarantees both flexibility and finesse.
Blake stitching also offers great longevity, since your cobbler is able to re-sole your derby shoes.

The soles of these city shoes have an extra layer made out of natural rubber to give them a better thermal insulation, increased cushioning, as well as a lot of style!
Their independent side upper offers a great comfort thanks to easy lacing.

Our derby shoes for men can be worn with many different outfits: they will thus become your daily basis!
To expand their lifespan, we recommend you place shoe trees inside your shoes when not wearing them.

Quality is a luxury that you can get with Pied de Biche !



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In metropolitan France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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