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Derbies BrogueBrown

185,00 €
The ultimate British chic style

The must-have brogue derbies

The epitome of British style, the brogue derby will add character to a formal look or dress up a casual outfit. With its perforations and unique details ("broguing"), the brogue stands out from all its counterparts with its assertive and resolutely timeless aesthetic. Whether you're walking down a rainy street or down a flowery wedding aisle, treat yourself to the luxury of a stylish, original and durable pair of shoes.
Their exceptional comfort will ensure you an inimitable style without wearing out your feet; so don't hesitate for a second to break free from the classic black derby.

From England to Paris, via Porto

European manufacturing

An impeccable style is only possible with quality pieces. Our brogue derbies are no exception to the rule we've set for ourselves: inspired by the UK, they are nevertheless handmade in our Portuguese workshops in Porto (you know, the shoe capital of Europe?). The unparalleled expertise of our craftsmen guarantees you shoes of exceptional quality at a fair and controlled price. With Blake stitching, gum soles, and open lacing with zamac eyelets, you'll get the best at a great price.
Their gorgeous brown leather has been selected from a Spanish tannery. If you take care of it, this pair will last as long as you put them on.

Love it but afraid of overdoing it?

Dare to wear the brogue

The perforated and decorated toe is what gives the brogue its name. Without these decorations, the brogue is just a simple derby without distinction. That's what makes it so charming, but it's also a risk for those who like a sober and elegant style. Yet you should know that, not so long ago, brogues were worn by city dwellers on weekends in the country. You know the "gentleman farmer", don't you?
These beautiful leather derbies can be worn with faded jeans or light linen pants. Add a casual shirt and a navy blue jacket, and you're done. Avoid the classic black tuxedo, though, or your brogues will steal the show. Their brown color and perforations will stand out even more, and if you're looking for sobriety, you won't find it. The secret to wearing this pair is simply to dare to pair it with simple pieces.