Chukka Commando

Leather Chukka for Gentlemen

It was set in Winter 2016
We were missing a staple in the Man's Piede Biche catalog. This model was the chukka boot : A model you could easily wear at the office or visiting the granny. 
These Chukka boots for man have not left us since winter 2016. Today we present to you, the third of its name who is looking incredibly fresher.

For this new season, we have really worked in the front part of the upper with the laces. This time, we made it stand out. It's a bit more formal, and for a casual shoe, we thought it would be smart to have it so.
It also showcases what we do well :working our leathers. Here we have a lovely calf suede leather which brings the perfect finishing touche to our Chukka boots. Perfect to wear your Chukka with all kind of clothes.

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Blake Sewn: quality guaranteed for these lace ankle boots

The shoe's upper and the soles are assembled together using a Blake stitch : sign of quality and durability. Thanks to the Blake stich, we can provide you with a more flexible shoe, more elegant and finer than what you may kind on the market. Don't forget to get you some protective sole pads at the shoemaker ! In meantime time we offer you some protective one with your Chukka !

On vous présente 2 modèles :

Some Chukka boots in greased leather : you can be sure they'll resist any weather as they are waterproof, while still being flexible and very comfortable. This the leather we chose for two Chukka models.

Chukka boots in calf suede : more dandy and more casual. It goes with everything. For instance, imagine them with a pair of jeans : it rocks right !.

Those Chukka boots for man are supple thanks to their lining. The lining is made out of natural cowhide leather - a leather you can find on all of our shoes's lining, sneakers included. Cowhide leather is also known for its breathability and resistance properties. 

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Well made laces for our Chukka ankle boots

Another great addition of these Chukka V3 is the different cuts of leather: the laces are proportioned differently, they are disposed in a more elegant manner. It's a detail that will not fail the more aficionados. 

It's cotton
Our laces are in waxed cotton. Not too thin, not too thick. Beautiful. Elegant. Something is happening visually. It is thanks to those little details that we can reinvent timeless models such as the Chukka.

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High, but not too much !

The Chukka boots are « Ankles Boots » for man, high boots but not too high, in other words, a boot that do not go higher than your ankle. The higher the boot, the more formal it looks. The less it is, the easier it is to wear it. You see ?