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Casual Derbies V2Black

175,00 €

Casual Derbies V2 with an Itshide Golf Sole

For the release for of our new Spring / Summer collection for man, we have designed a new pair of Derbies : the Casual Derbies V2. A new range revisiting this iconic model by adding a small twist to it, an Itshide Golf sole.  

Being a true staple of the masculine wardrobe, we could not stop at our simple Casual Derbies ! In cocoa oily cowhide leather, with an Itshide Golf sole, you now have an iconic pair of shoes to dress up any one of your outfits. Classic and modern, this emblematic pair of shoes is now part of our permanent collection, which means you will be able to find it every season. 

A bit of history

Having atypical feet, the 14th Count de Derby, allegedly asked his shoe maker to create a pair of shoes more comfortable which would adapt to the shape of his feet. The Derbies were born !

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Full grain leather for our black casual derbies for man

Premium material and fabric

Just like its 200 years old history, we desired to make our Garance Derbies just as durable and timeless, so that you are able to wear them for a lifetime.

To do so, we have carefully selected every components of the Derbies. The cocoa upper of the casual Derbies is entirely made with oily cowhide leather chosen within the Trentin region, in the North-East if Italy. 
The sole of our Casual Derbies V2 is an Itshide Golf sole. The studs of this thick sole ensure a good grip and provide you with both elegance and modernity.
The  Golf sole is Blake stitched and topped with a beautiful welt. A real guarantee of quality!

Ancestral know-how

There are no high quality shoes without precious know how ! The Derbies are a complex pair of shoes. This is why the fabrication process has been carefully thought out. To reach our required standard of quality we went for the search of a specific expertise. It is in the south of Porto, the European capital of shoe making, that we found what we wished for : Ruben. Ruben is in control of every step of the  the fabrication and is ready to answer to all of our demands.
Numerous hours of work and a hundred of prototypes later, the Derbies matched our expectations perfectly ! 

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How to wear our smooth cowhide leather casual derbies

Chic and casual shoes

With a slight almond toe, it is not too round not too pointy, in order to completely adapt to you foot's shape for maximum comfort.

In cocoa, our Casual Derbies V2 can provide a casual or formal look. You can wear them with a pair of rolled up chinos or jeans for a casual look, or with a costume for formal events. 

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