Malo, the newcomer

Perfect sneakers for fall

Pied de Biche is back this fall with a brand new model. Forget the Billy, the Vasco or the Frisco (well, not too much), because the Malo is coming and will dazzle you.

Sneakers are the shoes for all situations. We have become accustomed to wearing them for all occasions, from a quick trip to the grocery store around the corner to a fancy party with friends.
The Malo is also versatile. With its bi-material leather and its serrated finish (the place at the laces, for those in the background), these sneakers (or sneakers, we do not make jealous) will be perfect for all styles.

Still robust and durable

A pair of European sneakers, possible?

Of course it is. In case you missed all the places on the site where we detail this story, our shoes are made, by hand, in the city of Porto. Porto, Portugal.  Don't blame us if we advertise it everywhere. It's kind of our pride.
The Malo also gets that special treatment; suede calf and smooth cowhide leather, Strobel stitching for a perfect finish, and a rubber sole to cushion all shocks, it has absolutely everything to please you, and to last over time. Why wait to add it to your cart?

The refined and assertive sneaker

An inimitable casual style

You've probably noticed the grey inserts and the little touch of mustard color at the back? The Malo sneaker has a unique silhouette you won't see anywhere else.
And to add even more character to this unparalleled shoe, we had the idea of adding a sharp, serrated toe cap. It's the detail that will make all the difference, and will surely make you want to adopt it.