Brushed or split leather

Proper care for brushed or split leather


Where do I find all of these?

Routine Maintenance

These leathers are not very demanding and not very needy.

Do not cream or wax them.

  • Always get rid of dust and dirt by rubbing your shoes with a polishing cloth before doing any treatment.
  • To care for your brushed (or split) leather, simply protect it with a waterproofing agent.
  • Feed it with grease only once or twice a year. Avoid overfeeding this type of leather.
  • That's all!

Brushed or split leather tanning

Brushed leather is a leather whose grain has been sanded down to present a velvety surface, soft to the touch. While it may look similar to suede, it actually requires a different kind of care!

Split leather refers to the cutting of the hide, and the fact that only the lower part of the dermis is kept: the flesh side. The grain of this part is often finer than the grain of the flower side, and thus silkier, smoother and more malleable.

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