Pony Leather

Routine Maintenance

This very peculiar leather, made from goat skin, has the advantage of being unspliced and designed with the grain side of the skin.
In practical terms, this means that it is very close to the goat's skin in its raw state, and therefore naturally waterproof! Its unique texture is reminiscent of a smooth, shiny fur, so Pony leather is often used to print animal patterns!

Its maintenance is very simple:

  • Simply brush the leather in the direction of the hairs with a brush. Never rub against the grain and do not press the brush too hard!
  • If you stained your Pony leather, wrap a dampened cloth around your index finger and rub gently. If the stain is still visible, take your shoes to a specialist! You could damage the appearance of the leather by scrubbing too eagerly or by using the wrong product.


  • You can waterproof your Pony leather, even if it is naturally water resistant. Just don't apply a thick layer of product: spray lightly and stay at the indicated distance.

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