Hermine Alpine Boots

The mountain boots land in our Women's collection with the Alpine boot Hermine. A casual and comfortable model.





Adopt the Hermine Alpine boots

Combat boots are known for their military use. Made to protect your feet from cold and humidity, they are also the original form of alpine boots, these flat rangers for the mountain.
The Hermine Alpine boots have the same cut as this mountain shoe: laces and hooks, notched commando sole, lining and natural wool. Walk without fear thanks to the unmatched comfort and the commando sole that offers you optimal grip and resistance. These are comfortable and warm shoes for winter.
With their all-terrain style, these shoes can be worn around town with chic or casual looks. This is the perfect pair of women's booties for a winter with a kick!

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warm winter rangers for women

Stylish with leather rangers

The military rangers are very trendy for the fall-winter season. Pied de Biche understands this and offers a pair of women's rangers: the Alpine boots Hermine. XXL notched sole, round toe at the front of the shoe, durable bi-material leather, everything is combined to offer you a fashionable model. Borrowed from the men's wardrobe, the Hermine are chunky boots perfect for the winter season. Wear them with a trendy look: fitted leather shorts, opaque tights and a big turtleneck sweater. Whether it's a trip to the mountains or a night out with friends, wear these upscale women's combat boots in style.

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stylish rangers boots for women