High heels (8 to 10 cm)

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OrlaneTea rose

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Babies and pumps

The new Pied de Biche collection

Our pumps: take a step up!

Timeless in women's footwear, leather heels are the chic, elegant pair to slip into your wardrobe.

For the Spring-Summer season, Pied de Biche offers a variation of heels, with our classic heeled pumps. A high-end shoe collection that this year welcomes Escarpins. Looking for chunky high heels? Here they are!

High-end heels, but at what price?
Our pumps are durable and affordable.
Smooth leather or suede, at Pied de Biche we like to work with materials with character. Our noble leathers from northeastern Italy, in the Trentino region, are meticulously crafted by our artisans. From pattern-making to assembly, our workshops in the Porto region of Portugal ensure top-of-the-range confection.

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women's pink suede pumps
So flexible, so practical!

High-quality craftsmanship for our pumps

The sharp details of Escarpins Pied de Biche
Escarpins are shoes that underline your femininity. A chic model with soft, rounded shapes. They combine comfort and elegance for 100% dress shoes.
Their high heel ensures a delicate arch.

So flexible, so practical! Don't panic, just slip your foot in and their leather will take care of the rest. In cowhide leather, the insole gives you comfort and agility when you're out on the town.
Slender and feminine, the cut-out of these ballerinas with small heels will beautifully uncover your ankle.

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green suede pumps for women
THE glamour piece

Trendy pumps!

A glamorous, feminine look: a pair of pumps!
Pumps are THE pair to keep in your wardrobe. With stiletto heels, they'll add a touch of allure to your everyday outfits. Whether you're wearing jeans or a suit, you'll look great with Escarpins Classiques.
And don't hesitate to add a trendy accessory to enhance your look. A pair of socks? The choice is yours!

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gold leather pumps for women