Kitten heels and Stilletos

Kitten heels and Stilletos for the first time at Pied de Biche. Chic shoes for a dressy look.

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Clara Babies - Reptile

160,00 €
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Felicia Pumps - Black

155,00 €
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Babies Clara - Gold

155,00 €
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Clara Babies - Black

155,00 €
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Felicia Pumps - Gold

155,00 €
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Femininity and comfort

Babies and pumps are shoes that emphasize your femininity.

The leather inner lining makes them supple. Heels of 6.5 cm allow an assured and ... stable gait by highlighting your legs.See more

So sixties

It's a chic model, day and night. They combine comfort and elegance with mischievous lines, in bi-material leather, for 100% dressy shoes. Cinderel... la herself would have described it as a "compendium of charm".

All in the convenience
So practical: you simply slide your foot in. With jeans, they reveal a rock style, more classic with a skirt.See more

On the small screen

The babies were worn by glamorous icons from series such as Carrie Bradshow in Sex & the City and Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl.

... ⚠️ Allowed with socks
We can afford to wear the Babies with sequined or gold socks. For free, independent, code-breaking women.See more