Cousin of the Combat Boot, the Balmoral, which takes its name from its fixed quarters, is THE sophisticated city boot. With a classic and timeless design, these lace-up shoes are made with care by the Ruben workshop in Portugal.




Balmoral Golf Sole - Black

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Balmoral Golf Sole - Ebony

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Boots with laces, a staple

Fall-Winter shoe staple, the Balmoral in leather is the model not to miss this season for man.

Pied de Biche is offerin... g a selection of flat boots with laces for you to go about looking chic and elegant

Black Balmoral and Ebony Bamoral, both with an Itshide golf type sole : our man shoe line is casual and high quality !See more

Easy to slip on

Unlike our Chelsea boots, this model have laces at the front. The Pied de Biche boots with laces have a high and supple upper. Comfortable leather ... shoes easy to slip on.

To provide you with great shoes, we are sourcing are noble leathers in the North-East of Italy, within the Trentin region. Our artisans, Ruben and Fernando are located in the Porto region in Portugal, and bring meticulous care to the shoe making process :
The boot is fully lined with cowhide leather, for a breathable and comfortable shoe.
The sole is golf typed, providing great shock absorption while staying chic.
Blake sewn : an insurance of quality.
The finishes are detailed. In Black or Ebony smooth cowhide leather, the stitch regular and the boots are top of the line creation.
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Balmoral : styling tips

Very trendy, the boots with laces for man are coming back this Fall-Winter season. So, how to wear them with styl... e?

The Pied de Biche leather Balmorals have a high upper and are still elegant. They are top of the line, but sill casual ! 

Black or Ebony ?

Wear our Balmoral with confidence. Black or Ebony, its smooth cowhide leather will perfectly match your everyday outfits. The golf sole and the Blake stitch will bring the comfortable twist you were so looking for.

With a beautiful leather jacket, the leather Balmoral in Black will give you a rock'n roll look.
With a trench, it will give you the perfect military chic touch.See more