Heeled Ankle Boots

Our Pied De Biche heeled boots offer attractive colors and details!
A heel at the perfect height: 6 cm to display an ultra feminine silhouette while maintaining the best comfort.
Once tried, these boots will not leave you!

Both classic and fancy, the Triangles, Chelsea Boots and others of our creations with heel will be the centerpiece of your outfits, they will distinguish you in all subtlety.




Mid-heels (4 to 6,5 cm)Intermediate heels (7 to 7,5 cm)High heels (8 to 10 cm)

The boots are arriving at Pied de Biche

Pied de Biche story began with a pair of Chelsea boots, our best-seller since 2015. A few season later, our favorite ankle boots take a step up: a heeled version is released! Today, we are proud to show you our completed ankle boots collection.

Every detail of those high end creations is thought in our parisian office, before being manufactured with care in Porto, Portugal.
The hides our craftsmen use for our leather ankle boots were carefully selected in Northern Italy, to ensure the best quality. 
Elegant and fine when flat, the Chelsea Heels become even more feminine. 6cm? The perfect height you could fine! Thanks to our ankle boots and their wide rough lumber heel, your gait is likely to be both slender and stable.

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She's having fun with the colors

Our women ankle heels play with colors and materials to highlight your style. 
With smooth, printed leather or suede, their bi material details impart our boots a subtle creativity. 
Easy to pull-on and pull-off thanks to its side elastics, she will soon become a must-have in your wardrobe, either fancy or casual!
Pied de Biche ankle boots go along with both skirts or pants: their thin upper will sublime your ankles and legs. 
Black, tan, or printed our womens’ ankle boots are rock yet elegant, classic yet original. 
Also available with flat heel, our leather ankle boots are likely to become your daily basis.

Quality is a luxury that you can gat with Pied de Biche ! 

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Latest Autumn-Winter Trends

How to wear the Pied de Biche de Biche style?

Ladies, your pair of shoes will go beautifully with all your outfits.
Take the Chelsea heel boots. Easy to put on thanks to its elastic, this bi-material shoe is the casual model to have in your wardrobe. Worn with rolled-up jeans, they show off your ankle beautifully.

Adopt the bohemian style! A great alternative to high boots, wear the santiag boot with a long, flowing skirt. Accessorized with beautiful jewellery, your look is sure to be trendy for Autumn-Winter.

You've got it, you'll be able to enjoy it on any occasion! Make this women's shoe the centerpiece of your outfits.

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