More than shoes, we wanted to create high-end accessories. Thus, we could not miss leather belts! Indispensable fashion accessories, for both men and women, they are your wardrobe masterpieces!
Always looking for the best quality, it took us a long time to find the perfect workshop to create our belts.
After months, we finally selected a small family workshop, lost in Porto countryside. There, Pedro is crafting our genuine leather belts with impressive materials and finishing touches.
Cut in one and only piece, and made in full grain calf leather, they are handcrafted with great care.
Their full calf leather lining and elegant zamak belt buckle make them look like luxury goods.
Our real leather belts and shoes are made with same hide colors, for you to match them easily!


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votre image


Either raw for a casual look or classic for a more formal style, our belts go along with all outfits.
For men, our belts are bi-material: suede and smooth leather perfectly go hand in hand together. Black, brown, or more colored, you will necessarily find the genuine leather belt you were looking for!
For women, our belts are thin and delicate. Most of them are made of suede and golden buckle for a fine and outlined waist.
To choose the good size, please check out our belt size guide!



In metropolitan France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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