Meet our Chukka, the perfect balance between elegance and casual style ! Either with a suit or blue jeans, it will become your new daily basis! 

First used by Polo players, the term Chukka come from Polo game periods, the "Chukkers".
Pied de Biche decided to give a special touch to this classic : subtle interplay of materials, between suede, smooth, full-grain and pull-up hides. 

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Did you know? At first, Chukka boots were Polo players shoes, who liked to wear those semi-rising lace-up shoes. Named after Polo game period, the chukkers, they became a timeless shoe model. Pied de Biche wanted to reinvent these classic rising shoes, subtle interplay of materials, between suede, smooth, full-grain and pull-up hides.
Designed in Paris and produced in Porto, European capital city of shoemaking, every detail of these Chukka boots for men is thought carefully.
We work with craftsmen considering not only shoe technicity but also finishing touches and assembly.


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Full calf leathers used to make our Chukka boots were selected in Northern Italy. Suede, smooth or pull-up leather, every hide is worthy of the greatest luxury brands.
Our lace-up boots for men are Blake stitched and assembled on a high-quality leather soles.
Pied de Biche Chukka boots for men perfectly match our brand DNA. Declined in subtle colored hides, our Chukka shoes pair with both suits or casual outfits.
To expand the lifespan of your leather shoes, we recommend you put shoe trees inside when not wearing them. It will absorb humidity and help maintain their original shape.



In metropolitan France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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