Double Buckle Derbies

It is with the firm will to revisit the classic and well-made Derby loop we deliver here our interpretation.

A single loop, and therefore a unique clamp. The goal? To propose to you here a Derby with loop more adapted to the conditions of the everyday life, and less formal than its big sister who inspired it. At Pied De Biche, it is available in different types of skin: velvet, smooth leathers or leathers and casual colors that will accompany you everywhere. Unpretentious, but with distinction.




Derbies Monk strap - Black

175,00 €
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Timeless derbies

It is a classic model of men's wardrobe and this year, we have diversified the colors and shapes to the delight of the greatest number.
The ... leather derby is the essential model of low city shoes for Men. Pied de Biche had to reinterpret this timeless, by offering a modern, high-end but accessible version.

Leather flexibility
All our derbies are fully lined in cowhide leather for comfort.
A lacing that can even release the pressure at the end of the day.See more

A blake sewn

The Blake stitching makes the shoes light and flexible. They are delivered with a provisional pad to protect the sole, then a pad must be placed.

What we offer you on this collection

Our clean derbies
This model goes to the basics. His sobriety makes him a strong ally. It is offered in two colors of Havana ... and Burgundy pull-up leather and a Fauve suede calf.

Our new right-end derbies
Delicately accompanied by perforation on the front of the shoe. They are in smooth leather in Cognac, Brou de Noix and Noir and of a tapered shape. They have perforations along the seams.

Our Oxford
Otherwise called Richelieu, this timeless model is particularly worked. It is an ideal model for a wedding or other formal occasions.

Our double loop
In English, they are called Monk and are a variant of Closed Derby. They are chic and modern and bring a more casual look. We offer them in chocolate grained leather, more relaxed and in smooth black leather.
They are easy to put on with a double buckle closure system.See more