Ankle boots Romy

Discover our Romy heels!
The boots with a bridle look, with a small heel that ensures comfort and agility all day long.




Pied de Biche heeled ankle boots

Refined and delicate on a flat sole, the boot is all the more feminine on heels. This women's shoe model is quickly becoming an essential part of chic and casual wardrobes. Thanks to the wide selection of Pied de Biche heel boots, you will be able to optimize your wardrobe and combine it with a multitude of outfits in a wide variety of styles.

Designed in Paris and manufactured in Porto, the European shoe capital, nothing is left to chance. The leathers are carefully selected in the region of Trentino, in the North-East of Italy. Our workshops take particular care in cutting the leather, guaranteeing beautiful, supple and comfortable shoes, all for you!

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Pied de Biche Touch

You already know them and loved them, Romy heel boots are back! This iconic model with its three golden decorative buttons and its original cut will be your best ally during this Autumn-Winter season. Thanks to its 6cm wide heel, your gait will be comfortable and feminine. This boot has been thought out down to the smallest details such as the suede goatskin leather yoke under the decorative buttons and the "layers of leather" effect heel. We propose it to you, exactly as last year, in black (smooth leather and suede goatskin) so that you can associate it with all your wardrobe.

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Style advice to wear the heeled Romy boots

With its three decorative buttons, this women's heel bootie is perfect for skirts and dresses, as well as trousers: its very fine upper will sublimate your bare ankles, or slip perfectly under a pair of trousers. In any case, your gambettes will be highlighted! You will have understood it, so you will be able to take advantage of it in any occasion! Make it the centerpiece of your outfits and you'll have just about everything! The super trendy little extra? Don't hesitate to let your pretty socks protrude from the top of the boot.

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