Sam : Velcro sneakers with a platform for woman

The Sam Sneakers are the new Pied de Biche velcro sneakers ! A more graphic declination of the basic velcro shoe which emulates the male sneaker with its thick platform to create a delicate play between feminine and masculine. In smooth cowhide leather, you can be sure they'll accompany you everywhere !
Sporting a mahogany colored piece of lizard embossed leather on the back of the upper, Sam will bring a touch of fantasy to your Spring / Summer looks.

Sneaking on

Historically, they are the first type of shoes allowing people to walk silently without creating a sound thanks to their rubber sole. This why their name "sneakers", comes from the expression "sneaking on" .

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The pied de biche touch

Premium full grain leathers for a woman bi-fabric sneaker

The white sneakers an all time staple. A true essential which accompanies you all throughout your life. This is why we are offering high quality sneakers for woman. The woman sneakers Sam is bi-fabric. They are made with a solid and durable smooth cowhide leather and a with a piece of lizard embossed leather in mahogany. Fully lined with cowhide leather, they are comfortable, no matter the situation : just like walking on a cloud !

The white rubber 3 cm thick platform, allows for great shock absorption for each steps you take while giving you a slender look. The Sam pair of sneakers is perfect for maximum comfort. 

Designed in Paris and made in Porto, our bi-fabric Sam sneakers  are made with love, by talented artisans with precious know-how. Carefully selected within the Trentin region, in the Norther-East of Italy, all of our leathers or full grain cowhide leather.

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Platform sneakers : a streetwear staple

Platform leather sneakers : a streetwear staple

We appreciate them for their chic sneakers look thanks to their timeless colour.
We love them for their platform sole and their mahogany piece of lizard embossed leather which both add a touch of originality to such a classic pair os shoes. 

In white and mahogany, they are perfect for the ones desiring to get out of of their style comfort zone without doing too much. They can worn with absolutely everything !
They can be basic with a pair of jean, twisted with a skirt or casual chic with costume pants.

Also very cool looking with our amazing Pied de Biche socks

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