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It's a hit of the fall season

Pied de Biche's heeled ankle boots

The Capucine smooth leather ankle boots combine the elegance and feminine refinement of high-heeled shoes with the comfort and quality of Pied de Biche boots. This women's shoe model is available in two shades: cognac and black. Timeless and chic with their gold buckle, they ensure the style you are looking for after a beautiful summer. The Capucine high-heeled ankle boots immediately provide the dressy and yet casual look you're looking for.

Made of smooth cowhide leather from Northern Italy and manufactured in Porto, Capucine high-heeled boots benefit from the very finest craftsmanship to ensure a noble, lasting and soft women's shoe.

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A premium high-heeled ankle boot

The Capucine model is the high-heeled boot of this collection: high perched on its 8cm heel with a "leather layer" effect, completed with a boot made entirely of cowhide leather, Capucine is fastened on the ankle by an elegant oval gold buckle. The Cognac and Black shades harmonize with the buckle to form an elegant and noble high-heeled boot. The leather sole and the cowhide lining, as well as the boot's exterior, are adapted to the day-to-day routine for your comfort and elegance!

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Capucine heeled ankle boots : how to avoid the fashion faux pas ?

We have to admit it, the Cognac and Black shades match with everything! With a wide blue jeans, a bright blouse and a pretty blazer that suits you, the heeled shoe's upper lengthens the silhouette. It's a crush. With a dress, a skirt or some trousers (why not in leather too?), these Capucine boots have been designed for your winter outfits!
Wear a bright outfit, it will highlight your new pair of shoes! The ultimate trendy touch? Do not hesitate to let your pretty socks protrude from the top of your boots.

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