Mid-heels (4 to 6,5 cm)

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Léonore Sandals

A breath of fresh air in our collection

Leonore: classy, discreet and elegant heeled sandals

Since it found a way in our collection, Leonore has never ceased to seduce you! We’re thrilled that she’s become a staple of our luxury heel sandals. You might remember that she first appeared in her most beautiful classic, timeless gown?
Well, for our new collection, we decided to make sure she took on spring and summer colors so she would be best suited to your wardrobe: Leonore is now coral, gold pink or iridescent pastel green! What a way to go from classic to original!
Leonore might exist now in new colors, but she remains the same. Adopting it means you will be classy, simply distinguished… and comfortable!

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Skillfully crafted for the best quality

Leonore has been meticulously thought and designed to accompany you on a daily basis. 
This pair of braided sandals is light and will be particularly pleasant to wear on sunny days. Its 6 cm square heel will give you a slender silhouette with a sweet and feminine look. Plus, its buckle strap that holds the ankle firmly will not let you down.
Leonore is either made of goat and cowhide leather or suede calf. We can't stress this enough, but all our leathers are tanned by artisans and carefully selected. Buying Leonore means participating in the preservation of this know-how... and being able to keep your sandals for many years!

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The Leonore style: our advice

If you've been eyeing Leonore, you may be wondering how to make it a staple in your wardrobe. With its simplicity and original elegance, Leonore can be worn in almost any situation (although we wouldn't recommend it for skiing). In everyday life, you can easily wear it with jeans and a simple top like a shirt.
To be chic and elegant in the evening, don't hesitate to combine your Leonore sandals with the timeless little black dress (you must have one somewhere). Their bright hue will add a little touch of color to your outfit.
You can try more festive colors like iridescent pastel green or gold pink for a birthday or baptism. Combined with a suit or a patterned skirt, Leonore will make you shine!
Last but not least, the delicacy of its strap and its spring colors make Leonore a perfect bridal sandal. Whether your wedding dress is modern, traditional or hippy, Leonore will accompany you to the altar with comfort and elegance.

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