Flat heel (1 to 3 cm)

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LillyBlack & Leopard

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Lilly Moccasins

Women's moccasins, our dressy shoes

Don’t want to

It’s 7am, you’re awake. The sky does not seem to be in a good mood and your feet are wondering if they are gong to have to leave through another in those heels. What else can you wear? You’s wear ballerinas but you didn’t invest in this cute top to ruin it all.
This is what pushed us to design those Mocassin for Woman : more character, less flat, more dress up. They’re the perfect final addition to an outfit, kind of like heels. Discover the several models of this iconic type of shoes which Is now back in style.

The perfect heel

The heel measures 2 cm and the thickness of the leather sole is 6 mm. No more, no less. The perfect height to feel formal enough, without wondering if a heel a heel might have been the better choice.

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Pied de Biche Mocassins

This autumn, we’re offering three different models of mocassin for woman.. more chic then ever !

The Golden Lilly Mocassin, with its velvet swirl is back for a new season in your wardrobes. This model has been a favorites of yours for the past year. It is now available in black smooth or suede leather and in Doe or Leopard print pony leather.

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My comfort partner

These Moccasins are supple thanks to the cowhide leather lining. So no sore feet. The "first of cleanliness" (the first layer that receives your foot in the shoe) is also made of cowhide leather. And underneath, we’ve put a comfort pad ☁️ Promise, you don’t want to put on something else when it comes to going to Sunday brunch, in a relaxed manner.

Moccasin 1, HEEL 0
Like all our women's shoes, our Moccasins have an anti-slip at the heel. It allows you to properly maintain your foot, which would tend to trunk on this kind of shoe. This is what will make this pair your alter ego when it comes to gently accelerating your pace so as not to be completely late this morning.


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