Mid-heels (4 to 6,5 cm)

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The timeless leather loafer

Looking for a trendy look? This season, opt for our Mary loafers in cowhide leather, with their glossy look. Be rock'n'roll in woman loafer. So let's do away with the classic look of pumps! Here's our must-have, patent leather loafers that look great with skinny jeans and a loose T-shirt. Loafers have the great advantage of being able to be worn with absolutely everything: wide or narrow trousers, high or low jeans, dresses, skirts, trench coats for a Parisian look, a rock'n'roll leather perfecto... So treat yourself and succumb to all your desires.

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Mary loafers
Our thick-soled loafers

Loafers with Commando soles

Get some height with the commando soles of Mary's loafers! The commando sole is a notched rubber sole that not only saves you a few centimeters, but also gives you a grip on dry and wet surfaces, so you won't slip in the rain. Our Mary's have a thick, notched sole with a wide, square 4 cm heel that will keep you comfortable all day long. Remember to take care of your leather woman moccasins, this is an opportunity to learn how to maintain leather. In other words, your leather loafers should always be impeccable and shiny if you want to wear them again next year!

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Loafers with Commando soles
Loafers to wear without clichés

How to wear Mary loafers?

Do you want a stylish look without falling into clichés? We tell you how to wear your moccasins at the beginning of the school year and during the winter! For a classic look, a white dress and a blazer will be the perfect combination, you can also choose a jacquard skirt or Blair Waldorf's skater skirt. Or wear them with tights, a short skirt and a black turtleneck. For a casual look, pair your Mary's with mom jeans or high-waisted jeans with a flowing shirt. In winter, try slim-fitting jeans with a soft cashmere jumper. For a sophisticated look, your best suit is a must! For a sexier look, pair them with a mini skirt and you'll be sure not to go unnoticed! For a rock'n'roll look, take out your perfecto and your long blouse.

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Loafers to wear without clichés