Smooth and Grained Leather

Proper care for smooth or grained leather


Where do I find all of these?

Routine Maintenance

Start by dusting your shoes by rubbing them with a polishing or cotton cloth.

  • Nourish your shoes with beauty cream. To avoid unpleasant surprises, always test the product on a hidden part of the shoe.
  • Put the cream on a piece of your cloth, wrapped around your index finger. Massage the leather energetically, making concentric circles.
    Insist on the dry parts and the creases.
  • If the sole and heel are made of leather, remember to nourish them too!
  • Wait for the cream to penetrate the leather.

The perfect polish

To restore the shine to your shoes, use a shoe polish with a shade close to or slightly darker than the leather. This step is not mandatory.

  • Make sure the leather is bare. You don't want to polish over shoe polish, or you'll dry out the leather and suffocate it.
  • Never polish a dry leather. Cream it before.
  • Now you can take a clean cloth and polish your leather, using the same circular motion as you did when you waxed it.
  • Don't forget to polish the welt and the edge of the sole!
  • Wait for the polish to dry for at least 30 minutes (ideally 12 hours).
  • To get rid of small clumps of dried shoe polish on the seams, use a brush.
  • You can also polish your shoes by rubbing them vigorously with the polishing brush. Be careful not to press the bristles of the brush too hard on the surface of the leather to avoid scratching it.

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