Amandine sandals

Looking for flat leather sandals for women?

Look no further! The Amandine flat leather sandals, made with premium leather from Portugal, are the perfect addition to your shoe collection.

With their sleek design and 1.5 cm heel, these flat sandals are not only stylish, but also offer exceptional comfort for your feet throughout the day. Discover why these flat leather sandals have become the favorite of women looking to combine style and well-being.

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Want to know more about our Amandine flat sandals?

The Amandine women’s leather flat sandals are designed with a soft goat leather lining, ensuring a pleasant feel on the skin. The nubuck tunic sole provides superior grip, allowing you to walk confidently on various surfaces. Their 1.5 cm heel height gives you the right dose of height while remaining perfectly comfortable.

These flat sandals are easy to put on and take off, making them ideal for days when you’re on the go. They are versatile and can be combined with a variety of outfits, from light dresses to casual jeans.

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How to integrate these flat sandals into your wardrobe?

For a casual and summery look, pair them with a light dress and sunny accessories. For a more casual style, opt for skinny jeans and a stylish top.

These flat leather sandals are also ideal for a working day, harmonizing perfectly with suit pants.

So don’t wait any longer and make these flat sandals your new essential fashion!

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