• What is a pre-order?

    Our pre-order facility is what defines us. It is what enables us to fulfill our promise of offering top of the range products at the best possible price.  In this section, select and order models before they are in stock as they are still in process of being made, this applies for both our new and existing models.

    The countdown indicates the time remaining before the product will be ready, and therefore how long you will need to wait before receiving your order.

    We compensate for this delay by offering a better rate, so take advantage of it quickly, before the items are back in stock and are offered at their original price!

  • When will I receive my order?

    The models available in the pre-order tab are in the process of being made, so they are not immediately available. The date they will become available is shown by the countdown, and the number of days left to be able to pre-order is indicated in the item’s product card. Once the countdown stops, this means that your order is on its way to your delivery address!